David Haacke (Snr accred) Senior accredited Counsellor & Psychotherapist
Counselling for Central London and The City

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Counselling and Psychotherapy for Central and City of London: Registered Member MBACP (Senior Accredited) Counsellor & Psychotherapist offering counselling and psychotherapy in the city area of central London, close to London Wall, Moorgate and The Bank.

Bishopsgate, Liverpool St, Moorgate, Bank:
London Wall Buildings, EC2M 5UU
Initial fee is £50

City of London counselling and psychotherapy in Central London: I am a Registered Member MBACP (Senior Accred) counsellor & psychotherapist and UKRC Independent Practitioner working in the city area of central London between Liverpool St, Moorgate and The Bank, EC2, offering counselling and psychotherapy for a variety of difficulties including anxiety, depression, relationships, stress, anger, work-life balance, boredom, identity and personal development.

A senior accredited counsellor with 17 years experience in addition to a previous commercial career and with a good understanding of the difficulty in maintaining a work - life balance .

I have 17 years experience as a professional counsellor / psychotherapist working in central London and offer private and confidential counselling and psychotherapy to adult individuals working or living in the City / Bank / Moorgate / Liverpool Street area of central London who may have identified specific personal difficulties and / or want to understand more about themselves in order to allow choice, better work-life balance and movement in life. I practise in a traditional, face to face, psychoanalytically informed integrative style offering both empathy and rationale, gently challenging enough to promote real, lasting change facilitating stronger relationships at home, work and alone.

Are you living in La La Land where dreams are just dreams and reality seems to get in the way? Maybe your personal ambition (love/home) and professional ambition (career) seem to be at odds with each other. The purpose of psychoanalytic counselling / psychotherapy is to help make better life decisions and so facilitate real and realistic, manageable, life long changes.

Before my training as a professional counsellor 17 years ago I worked in central London as a trainer, coach and manager in a corporate capacity and have good, sympathetic experience of City life and understand the difficult work-life balance between a successful career and personal ambition.

The effectiveness and value of counselling depends in part on the relationship you develop with your counsellor. This in turn depends on the skill, training and experience of your counsellor.

Counselling / psychotherapy in central London can help with:

  • anxiety
  • depression, loss of enjoyment, drive, enthusiasm
  • intimacy / relationship difficulties
  • boredom, creativity and motivation
  • low confidence, self-esteem or arrogance
  • stress, anger
  • work-life balance, ambition, burn out, personal development
  • home, identity and cultural differences
  • an ending, eg relationship, work, ambition, hope, life stage.

    The issues and feelings that counselling / psychotherapy can help with are too many to list but in the menu at the top of this page I have talked about a few of them. If you do not see the specific issue that concerns you but like the general style I write in, then please call or e-mail to see how we may work together.

    Professional Counselling / Psychotherapy in Central London City: a Registered Member MBACP (Snr Accred) counsellor / psychotherapist offering counselling and psychotherapy to individuals living or working in the city area of central London, close to Liverpool St, Moorgate and The Bank, EC2.

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