David Haacke (Snr accred) Senior accredited Counsellor & Psychotherapist
Counselling for Central London and The City

A psychoanalytically informed integrative style of therapy offering both empathy and rationale, gently challenging enough to promote real, lasting change, facillitating stronger relationships at home, work and alone.

There are many reasons why you may be seeking counselling at this time, including:

  • anxiety
  • depression, loss of enjoyment
  • intimacy / sexual / relationship difficulties
  • boredom, creativity and motivation
  • low confidence, self-esteem or arrogance
  • stress, anger
  • work / life balance, ambition, burn out, personal development
  • home, identity and cultural differences
  • an ending, eg relationship, work, ambition, hope, life stage.

    The purpose of psychoanalytic counselling is to
    facilitate manageable, long lasting change.

    The principal way in which we relate with partner, family, work, hobbies or home is complex and can slowly drift over a period of time in a way that can make it difficult to sustain or form in the first place. You may feel stuck & frustrated and be unable to move on without feeling that you have to abandon it and start all over again. This may be a repetition of an earlier learned way of viewing things which can then get repeated and reinforced, going round in circles, making manageable change and progress in life difficult. All this stopping and starting can lead to anxiety, depression, anger, boredom, resentment, isolation ... or a general feeling of unhappiness ... again.

    Counselling is a private and confidential place in which to acknowledge these difficult feelings and recognise repeated patterns of behaviour without judgement, criticism or pressure from friends and family.

    As a professionally trained counsellor I am there to guide and maintain some sense of perspective & containment in order to facilitate understanding and change. That does not mean you will find me sitting quietly in the corner of the room nodding occasionally and asking you how you feel about something, but neither will I tell you how to lead your life or pass judgement. I am an experienced and well qualified counsellor with a realistic approach to life and counselling and will be engaging, challenging and supportive.

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