David Haacke (Snr accred) Senior accredited Counsellor & Psychotherapist
Counselling for Central London and The City

Frustrated with relationship difficulties?

It can take hard work to establish a relationship
and on going maintenance to sustain it.

Being in a relationship can be just as difficult as not being in one. The former may bring comfort and security but risks restriction and lack of freedom while the latter seems to offer all the freedom you could wish for but at the risk of loneliness and isolation. It can take hard work to establish one and on going maintenance to sustain it. One moment it can feel too close and clingy, the next too distant.

Whether you:

  • are in a relationship that's not fulfilling;
  • are stuck and not able to move on or commit one way or the other;
  • keep repeating short term unsatisfactory partnerships (can you really be that unlucky?)
  • or find it difficult to form one and feel alone or isolated,

    counselling can help to recognise patterns of behaviour, bring some understanding as to why you form relationships the way you do, what inhibits you about them and provide an enduring sense of confidence in yourself, whether in or out of a partnership. This can lead to more stable relationships (including with friends, family, work and, of course, with yourself) leading to a greater sense of personal authority, contentment and more enjoyment from life.

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