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Work: a virtue or a bad habit?

Do you fit life around your work and let personal interests and intimate relationships take second place? Perhaps work has become a vice, a bad habit that now prevents you from exploring other aspects of life or has simply become preferable to going home and has become your most intimate relationship.

Living or working in a big city like London can provide so many opportunities to miss out on.

Work is important and our relationship with it complex. It can be a place to belong, giving companionship, purpose and direction; a place to find out what we're about, to test ambition and gain confidence and self-esteem from; a place to feel supported and yet complain about, stretching and frustrating us; a source of both comfort and anxiety.

But are you bored and don't know how to move on?

And our relationship with it can vary from time to time according to what else is going on for us. It can provide a haven (a safe place to focus the mind) when other aspects of our lives are stormy, perhaps following a divorce / relationship break up or other difficult time. But what happens if you feel you want to move on from it or have outgrown it but can't leave. If your confidence in yourself is so deeply interwoven with work it can be a difficult place to move away from, leaving you feeling stuck, angry, frustrated and, ultimately, depressed. The confidence that you gained from work now seeming to depend on it.

Counselling can provide an alternative place to think about your relationship with work. It can help you to decide what you do want from life, confirm the confidence that you have developed in yourself (and not in the work place) helping you to move on. Or perhaps stay where you are but with more enjoyment and satisfaction.

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